What to expect at your Bridal Makeup Trial!

The purpose of your makeup trial is for you to see what you envision. It will put you at ease and give you the confidence to look like your most beautiful self on your wedding day!


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Beautiful bride to be Ashley wants her makeup to look natural and glowing; with slight pops of color for her wedding day! Here is the look we came up with at her trial.  As you can see, she is already gorgeous in her before, so I wanted to keep her natural beauty to shine through, while enhancing her features and making her skin have a soft glow!

-Ill start out by asking you a lot of questions about your expectations and vision, your usual makeup routine, special occasion makeup routine, your skincare routine, and all the details about your day. Its also very helpful to have an itinerary set up for wedding day so we can get everyone ready on time.

-Come with an open mind and also have some ideas of what you like. Keep in mind that what you see in pictures is not going to look exactly like that on you; but having some ideas will help me know what your style is. While it is important to stay true to your style, also be open to trying some new things! Maybe a bit more highlight on your skin or some slight pops of color on your lips may be something you’ve never thought of! If you don’t like it…we will wash it right off!


-Be honest. I want you to love what we create and if there is anything you do not love about your look; tell me! That is why you hired me! Sometimes it takes a few different colors to get the perfect look for you. Makeup isn’t permanent, so if you want something different, we can easily change it around.

-Take care of your skin! Now is a critical time to be gentle on skin, moisturize and exfoliate so that your skin can remain flawless for your wedding day. If you plan on spray tanning for your wedding, don’t book a tanning session and makeup application on the same day. It will be hard to match your true complexion and you may not get an accurate picture of the final outcome. This is a great time to discuss some in office skincare treatments with me; consider facials, microdermabrasion, light chemical peels, etc… I always say that no amount of makeup will look good without healthy looking skin!


-Bring a friend or family member, but not someone that’s going to take control of the session. This is YOUR wedding, and while it is nice to have the support of your loved ones, this should be all about you.

Last but not least, this should be a fun time and a chance to pamper yourself. Have an open mind and relax! Lets have some fun and do some makeup! -Christine 😉

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