Take the fear out of foundation!

When Max Factor first developed foundation for film, he was swamped by an overwhelming demand from Hollywood actresses. Foundation became a way to instantly improve the beauty of a woman’s skin. When applied correctly, foundation is meant to even your skin tone and be the base to the rest of your makeup.

But for one reason or another, alot of women are afraid to use foundation. But once you learn the basics of foundation, (ie selection and proper application) you will no longer fear this essential makeup tool!

foundation match

Basic tips…
1. Determine skin type-
(dryer and/or mature skin- look for creamier consistencies)
(oily skin types- powder foundation or water-based liquid with matting ingredients)
(normal skin types- you can pretty much try anything!)


2. Select the coverage you desire – full, medium, sheer, tint, BB creams, etc… You decide. But I always say its easier to chose a full – medium coverage and you can chose how much to build upon)

3. Application technique- my favorite application is using a disposable sponge or beauty blender so I can control the amount of product and can build up the coverage. But you can also use stippling brushes, or foundation brushes, or you can even use your fingertips.

Additional foundation tips:

-Dont match it based on your hands for wrists. Foundation must match your neck and, if exposed, your chest.


-Dont use your foundation to make you look tan. Fundation is not meant to be used to darken your skin; its meant to even out your skintone and prep for additional makeup. Instead, go for a bronzer.


-Dont get tricked into buying “mineral makeup” because you think its safer. -All cosmetics contain minerals, but mineral make-up is not always 100 percent natural. Mineral pigments are used in almost every type of make-up, giving products most of their color. Mineral make-up manufacturers sometimes claim that their products are purer and safer than standard cosmetics because they omit many man-made ingredients, but that’s not the case across the board. You may actually have adverse reactions to all natural ingredients so just be careful you don’t get caught in all the hype and educate yourself!

foundation mineral

I highly recommend doing research on what foundations are going to work best for your skin type and needs before walking into a store.   Once you are in the store, (I recommend going to Ulta or a makeup counter to purchase your foundation) don’t be afraid to ask the sales associate for help and sample out a variety of foundations until you find the best for you.  If there is one makeup splurge you want to spend, spend it on foundation!

I hope I took the fear out of foundation and remember you can always contact me if you have more questions!
-Christine 😉


Be YOUR Most Beautiful on your Wedding Day!


“Makeup isn’t about changing yourself; but rather allowing your inner self to shine!”



To all brides to be! Your wedding day is going to be your most photographed day ever! So here are a few basic makeup tips I like to share with all my brides!

-Be true to yourself!! Don’t try a smokey eye for your wedding day if you’ve never worn something that dramatic. Another note – do what you want to do- not what mom wants 😉

View More: http://dolce-vita-photography.pass.us/hathaway

-Have an open mind at your trial! This is your time to try out different looks/colors/textures until you find what works best for you! Just like any other aspect of your wedding planning, this is your time to find the perfect look! It took you time to find the perfect dress, you tasted several cake samples, looked at many venues, etc…, so think of your makeup trial the same way!

-Be open to trying something a little different! I know that sounds like the complete opposite of what I just said. But what I mean is, its ok try something a bit more dramatic- maybe a pop of color on your lips, or a little more highlight on your cheekbones. Just the right amount of drama without changing who you are.

carli 2

-Please don’t tan. I know, you don’t want to look ‘pale’ but you don’t want to hear me preach to you about how bad any sunburn can be to your skins health and appearance in years to come. Instead, opt for a spray tan and I can make you look like a bronzed goddess with the right amount of makeup.

-Keep in mind that the makeup looks you see on pinterest or in magazines are a great starting point to get ideas, but don’t set your heart on one specific look. Chances are those pictures have been airbrushed, photoshoped, set in the perfect lighting, and models/celebs are trained to smile and pose professionally. You are going to be just as beautiful, but the makeup is not going to look EXACTLY the same.




-Take care of your skin! Believe me, no matter the amount of makeup or how much you spend on makeup, it is always going to look best on healthy skin!

Id love to be a part of your special day; whether you are looking for a makeup artist and/or esthetician…lets create the most memorable and beautiful YOU!

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Be Beautiful at ANY Age!

Age defying makeup!

You can be beautiful at any age; but dont let your skincare and makeup routine hide your beauty! Take these steps at looking and feeling beautiful as you age!

ALWAYS take care of your skin! Exfoliate, moisturize, use retinols and SPF!

-Prime and apply a nourishing oil like Argon or jojoba oil before you apply your makeup.  You want to plump up your skin and add more hydration before you apply any makeup.

-Trade in heavy foundations for lighter formulas

-Go for creamier textures – they wont settle into your fine lines and wrinkles. They work beautifully with your skin for a more youthful glow.

-Skip the powder- over doing the powder its going to accentuate your fine lines and wrinkles

-Use blush and bronzer without shimmers to add color and warmth to your skin

-Highlight your cheekbones and browbones for an instant “facelift”

-Shape your eyebrows naturally– if your eyebrows are sparse and light- get your eyebrows tinted with a semi permanent tint (usually lasts 4-6 weeks if done by a pro). Or use a natural looking powder or pencil to fill in on a daily basis. 

-Keep your eye makeup soft with neutral pops of color. That doesnt mean you can only wear brown shadow, but keep it neutral and warmer, rather than trendy and bright.

-Dont just line the bottom on your eye (this is going to make your eyes look tired and small)

-Curl your lashes and apply a volumizing mascara

-Dont go too light or too dark with your lipstick. Too light will wash you out and make you look tired and too dark will age you even more.

Take notes from these gorgeous celebs makeup!

(one thing they all have in common? I’ll bet you they take care of their skin!!)