Don’t just suffer with Rosacea…treat it!

The National Rosacea Society (NRS) has designated April as Rosacea Awareness Month to educate the public on the impact of this chronic and widespread facial disorder now estimated to affect more than 16 million.


Among survey respondents who suffer from the facial redness of rosacea alone, 82% said the condition had a negative impact on their general outlook on life—and for those with moderate to severe redness, the figure rose to 90%. The earliest signs of rosacea are often overlooked because people assume they are temporary and will go away,

Although rosacea varies from one patient to another, the primary signs may include flushing (redness), persistent or nontransient erythema, papules (bumps) and pustules (pimples), or telangiectasia (visible blood vessels). Secondary features may include burning or stinging, plaques (raised patches on the skin), a dry appearance, edema (swelling), ocular manifestations and phymatous changes, in which the skin thickens.


Since rosacea may be more easily treated when diagnosed early, make an appointment to see a board-certified dermatologist as soon as you first start noticing changes in your skin.

So what can you do to help treat your symptoms?

  • Don’t overheat. Extremely hot temperatures often aggravate rosacea.
  • Protect your face from wind and cold. Covering your face with a scarf helps protect your skin. Just make sure that the material touching your face is not made of wool or a fabric that feels rough to the touch. These fabrics can irritate the skin.
  • Apply a sunscreen before going outside. Since sun exposure can cause rosacea to flare look for sunscreens that contain zinc oxide or titanium dioxide, as these ingredients are the least irritating; have broad-spectrum protection; have a Sun Protection Factor (SPF) of at least 30; and contains silicone, aka dimethicone or cyclomethicone, which can help protect the skin and minimize stinging and redness.
  • Take good care of your skin. Avoid rubbing, scrubbing or massaging the face.
  • Be careful when using hair spray. Make sure the spray does not get on your face.
  • Keep your skin care routine simple. Using too many products may irritate the skin.


    Cleansing 101: Gentle, gentle, gentle
    When it comes to cleansing the skin, go for gentle and non irritating cleansers.Roscacea makes your skin more sensitive and likely to react to ingredients in both prescription medications and skin care products. Moisturizers containing lipids, such as ceramides, are usually well tolerated and improve the barrier that is often compromised in patients with this condition. In addition to ceramides, the humectants glycerin and hyaluronic acid are often added to moisturizers to hold moisture in the skin and hydrate it.
    cleansing skin

    For additional rosacea control, look for calming products after you cleanse that contain high concentrations of antioxidants. Applying a barrier-repair emollient that contains lipids and humectants can soften the skin and prevent water loss from the skin. Avoid products that contain ingredients known to irritate skin with rosacea, including alcohol, witch hazel, fragrance, menthol, peppermint, eucalyptus oil, clove oil, salicylic acid, camphor, and sodium lauryl sulfate

    Another common question I get from my clients and friends is what kind of exfoliator can I use on my sensitive skin?
    That can be kind of tricky because if you have sensitive or suffer from Rosacea, you know how harsh most products can be. After a while, you give up, but still need to find a gentle exfoliator.  Here is a great at home treatment you can do!!

  • -Mash up the inside of an Avocado
    -Mix in some raw sugar
    -Blend in an essential oil that is best for sensitive skin: There are a number of essential oils that are helpful for as treatments for sensitive skin, including Lavender, Geranium, Neroli, Chamomile, Rosewood, and Rose.
    -Mix together and gently exfoliate over your face and rinse with warm water.
    -Finish off with a hydrating moisturizer.
    -Its best to limit the amount of times you exfoliate each week. Once or twice is more than enough.
  • So here are the key points- seek help asap, look for gentle non irritating products, hydrate and treat with calming ingredients, gently exfoliate, be careful in extreme temps and wear your SPF!keep-calm-and-love-your-skin-5

Refresh your Skin for Spring!

I cant say this enough…. your makeup is ALWAYS going to look better WHEN your skin is healthy! Let me repeat that… your makeup is ALWAYS going to look better WHEN your skin is healthy! 

For some reason, people still dont understand the importance of proper skincare.  They seem to think that spending endless amounts on expensive makeup will help make their skin look better. But the truth is, no matter how much you spend on makeup, your makeup will always look better when your skin is healthy! (ok, I said it 3 times!)  

Now that I got that off my chest; here are some of my basic skin refresher tips!

Its never too late to start taking care your skin and what a better time than now! The cold winter months can take a huge toll on your skin; so now is a great time to get refreshed skin for Spring!

1.  GO FOR PRO HELP!  This is a great time to ask as many questions you have about your skin, get set up on a at home skin care routine! Facials also help stimulate your skin and keep it in tip top shape so your skin care products are more effective and your beauty products go on much more smooth!  There are so many amazing low-cost, effective treatments available these days.  Come see me at Comprehensive Dermatology Skincare Salon if you would like to find out what in office skincare treatments would be best for you!



When it comes to caring for your skin, you want to create a routine you can stick to. Once you simplify your daily skin care routine, keeping up with exfoliating and using special treatments should be much easier to keep track of!

(an example of my products- some I use daily, while others I use a few times a week)

How many times have you been suckered into buying skin care products that promise the world and then you are left with nothing but an empty wallet! Resolve to do some research on skin care products before you go nuts investing money on fad products.  Stop listening to what everyone else is using- find products that are best for YOU!

(avoid product OVERLOAD!)
In addition to only buying quality skin care products, committing to only buying skin care products that you need. (no need for 5 different cleansers!)

As basic as it may sound- it is the most important step to never skip!! I recommend cleansing morning and night with the right cleanser for your skin.
Another skin care resolution is to keep is to keep your hands away from your face. There’s nothing worse than meticulously caring for your facial skin only to contaminate it with dirty hands!  This also goes for NOT picking or popping your pimples!
Make it habit to moisturize regularly at key times like right after you get out the shower while you skin is still damp. Dont forget to moisturize before you head to bed. 
Take off those dull dry layers of skin with proper exfoliation;  many options to choose from- manual, chemical and scrubs all do  great job at promoting a healthy looking glow!
We’ve all heard about the importance of sunscreen in our skin care routine a million times but most are not always consistent with it. Stick to a daily SPF 30 every morning. 
Stop the sunbathing already! There is MORE than enough info out there at how damaging the sun and tanning beds are for your skins health and appearance.  Go ahead and enjoy the fresh air and be active outside; but dont make tanning a new sport!